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The Brussels Health Network is used for  the secure electronic sharing of your patients’ health information and facilitates the management of their care.

You have a global view of  your patients’ health round the clock. You can thus care for them better because you know their medical history immediately.

This system promotes better cooperation and communication by and between all healthcare professionals involved in the care of a patient.

The Brussels Health Network is fully integrated with your patient software. So you have only one software to use. You save time and boost efficiency.

Registration to the Brussels Health Network is free of charge and valid everywhere in Belgium because it is associated with equivalent networks in Wallonia and Flanders. The system provides:

  • A global view of the patient’s health history
  • Immediate and secure access round the clock, year round
  • Better cooperation by and between doctors and the multidisciplinary team
  • Administrative simplification
  • Aid for but not replacement of diagnosis

To benefit from the services offered by the Brussels Health Network, you must register as a professional and as a patient and have become cognizant of the privacy regulations.

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