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1-Withdraw consent

At any moment you may withdraw your consent in the same way you gave it or by using this pdf form.

Only withdraw your consent if you no longer agree to securely and digitally file share your medical documents.  In the case of withdrawal, all services related to consent would be deactivated. If you withdraw your consent, neither you nor any doctor will have access to documents shared via the health networks. Please note that your GP can still receive your medical documents by other existing communication channels (mail, e-mail box, etc.)

You receive no official document when you unsubscribe.

2- What’s happens in the case of death?

Death automatically terminates access to digital file sharing health records.  In effect, the therapeutic relationship has ceased.  

The system records the death of the patient, which modifies the rights of access to his file in accordance with the applicable legislation including the law of 22.08.2002 on patient rights and the GDPR.

Although the data remains available, the records can not be used for any purpose other than a medical/legal context or be accessible indirectly by the family, under the provisions in law of the patient rights..

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