Spring into the SumEHR

A summarized electronic health record for all !



  • The majority of patients today take it for granted that they can access their medical records. In 2022, 345,363 individual patients logged into their personal health portal (private area).
  • But the majority of patients still do not know about the summarised electronic health record (SumEHR).
  • The quality and quantity of SumEHRs available here could be improved. As of 28 March 2023, 470,400 patients in Brussels have a SumEHR.
  • General practitioners question the usefulness of the records particularly as they take time to complete (the first time). Nevertheless, 10,797 doctors have already issued at least one SumEHR on the Brussels safe (computer server).

Campaigns objectives

  • To encourage general practitioners to spend the short amount of time required to publish a good summarised electronic health record (SumEHR) or update it for each patient
  • To provide multidisciplinary healthcare providers with information on the existence of these summarised electronic health records that might help them in their practice
  • To provide information to patients and help them obtain a quality summarised health record

The campaign dates 

    • 17 April: Press release and press articles + Website complete
    • 18 April: Raising awareness in partnership with LUSS, at the European Patients’ Rights Day! Event in quartier des Marolles, rue de l’épée, 1000 Brussels from 13:00-18:00
    • 18 April: Raising awareness of health data sharing and more specifically the summarised electronic health record in partnership with LUSS. Organised for patients’ associations at the Bruegel Library, rue Haute, 245 – 1000 Brussels, 14:00-16:00.
    • Week commencing 17 April: circulation of our clip “the SumEHR is so useful!” on our social networks 
    • Week commencing 24 April: circulation of our clips “the SumEHR is so useful!” on our medipodcast

    The tools available (only in french and dutch)

    • For all : testimonials from patients and professionals demonstrating how useful it is to have a summarised electronic health record (Sumehr)

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