The duration of a therapeutic relationship is not permanent.

The duration of the therapeutic relationship varies depending on the context of your care and the type of relationship you have with the health professional.

  1. If you have a long-term relationship with your GP or pharmacist, the period of access to your data by your doctor can be up to 15 months.
  2. However, if you have occasional contact with a doctor, the period of access to your data will be limited to a period of three months.
  3. And finally, an emergency room doctor will have access to your data for a period of one month.

The doctor creates this therapeutic relationship directly via the GP’s software during your consultation. If you wish, you can manage these links via the Brussels Health Network platform.

Learn how to do it by viewing the video:

  • From the moment you remove a therapeutic relationship, the health professional has no access to your data through the health networks.
  • If you wish to revoke access permanently, then he or she should be blocked.