How to register on the

Brussels Health Network?

You can do it by yourself or ask for help.

  1. Via the online application, if you have an electronic identity card (eID), pin code and card reader.

  1. Via your GP, pharmacist or health inscurance.

  2. Via the hospital admissions department.

ONLY the registration via the pdf form or via the Brussels health Network will grant you access to your shared health record.

inscrire un enfant mineur en tant que patient au réseau santé bruxellois

Declaring a legal guardian

Regarding the registration of minor children, it is assumed that from the age of sixteen, minors are capable of registering consent by themselves. Before the age of sixteen, this right reverts back to the legal representative.

When a patient is mentally incapacitated and incapable of exercising his or her rights, the person’s legal representative may act on their behalf, provided information requests are done in the exclusive interest of the patient.

With a pdf form With the online application
Personne de confiance et responsable légal : comment s'inscrire au Réseau de Santé bruxellois

Declaring a person of trust

When the patient experiences a loss of autonomy and has difficulty managing his or her medical file, a person or persons of trust may be nominated. This will help in managing the shared health folder but only the patient themselves can take decisions affecting him of her. The identity of the person of trust must be registered on the Brussels Health Network.

With a pdf form With the online application