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Life. There’s nothing more important life – yours and that of your patients. That’s why; above all, it must be protected so you can enjoy the feeling of good health at any age. Discover the Brussels Health Network platform whose mission is to protect life. Ensuring optimum health care.

Specifically, the Brussels Health Network is a digital and secured web designed to share health data that connects all Brussels and Belgian hospitals with non-hospital doctors. Listing the medical records of patients, the network offers you a global overview of patient health.  The sharing of health data takes place within the strict framework of continuity of patient care.  Thanks to the accessibility of the information, the Brussels Health Network helps to improve the quality of health care. It enhances and improves collaboration between health care providers.



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Through this network, you have, as a doctor, access to some medical records of your patients in real time and in complete security. The data available on the Brussels Health Network can originate from health institutions located throughout Belgium.

Members and hospitals connected to the Brussels Heath Network