Allow the patient to read his health resumé

As part of the 10th action point of the federal e-health plan, the patient can have access and read the content of his medical record electronically. The doctors’ associations have been in favor of the patient being able to access, by default, the contents of his sumehr. This is possible since January 15, 2019. However, if you want to adapt the access settings of your patients to their sumehr, watch the video tutorial that explains everything in details (Only en French and Dutch).

When a patient consults you, you record important information about the consultation in your patient record. If your patient has consented in advance to the electronic sharing of his data AND according to the case, you can decide to publish a medical summary (sumehr) or update the existing summary. The setting options allow you to choose whether or not your patients can have access to their data immediately or 30 days after they are posted on the network. The default option since January 15, 2019 is set to “Yes, immediately”, which means your patients can read the contents of their sumehr. However, each doctor retains the freedom not to allow patient access.
Discover without further delay the video tutorial. It does only exist in French or Dutch

Accès patient au sumehr