Good reasons to register as a doctor

No one knows where and when something can happen to your patients and will need to consult you or consult another doctor (on duty, emergency, a new specialist, etc.) Your patients are entitled to optimum health care. But how to make sure your patients avoid taking unnecessary tests, are not prescribed contraindicated medication or are given the correct diagnosis.

Thanks to secure digital file sharing, you finally have an overview 24/7 of the health of your patients. You can better care because you know their medical history.

This system promotes better collaboration and communication between all healthcare professionals who are required to treat a patient.

The Health Network Brussels is fully integrated with your patient software. So you only have one software to use. You gain in time and efficiency.

Registration to Brussels Health Network is free and valid throughout Belgium because it is associated with similar networks in Wallonia and Flanders.

To benefit from the services offered by the Brussels Health Network, you must register as a professional and as a patient and have read the privacy regulations and conditions of use.