How does the Brussels Health Network function?

  1. To benefit from the services of the Health Network Brussels, doctors and patients must be registered.
  2. Only doctors with a therapeutic relationship with a patient can access their medical information, and with the prior agreement of the patient.
  3. Medical documents issued by hospitals, laboratories, health care institutions, are housed where they were created and are available 24/7 to intra-hospital and extra- hospital doctors. Only references of these documents are centralized.
  4. The doctors do not publish the entirety of their patient records; they only publish the relevant documents for continuity of patient care.
  5. Doctors gain in time and efficiency as they have a global view of the patient’s health.
  6. This approach strengthens the integration of primary care. In case of medical attention, the care of patients is facilitated by access to shared documents. The doctor on duty may in turn create a provisional medical summary.