Technical connection to the Brussels Health Network

This space is dedicated to developers who want to connect their software to the Brussels Health Network which is part of the  e-health plan.

Health software for institutions

On one hand, there are softwares used by healthcare institutions which have their own computer servers. For example, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. These softwares have a “data host” function and a “hub” connection is required. Contact us if you want to connect to the Brussels Health Network.

Health software for health professionnals

On the other hand, there are softwares for first-line health professionals such as general practitioners, nurses, physiotherapists, dentists, pharmacists, … These softwares require two types of connections: a “hub connection” “and a” safe “connection. Contactez-nous si vous désirez vous connecter au Réseau Santé Bruxellois.

Technical specifications

The Brussels Health Network supports the technical specifications defined as part of the e-health plan. These are available on the website of the ehealth platform:


As part of the action point 4.4 of the eHealth plan, a new version of the “hubs’ interfaces” has been established in consultation between the Brussels Health Network, Réseau Santé Wallon, and Vitalink platform. This new version is the one that should be used as part of the multidisciplinary sharing of the “medication scheme”.

“cookbook” relating to this new version of the “hubs’ operations” has been established by the three safes.

For the structure of the medication scheme, it has been decided to use the structure developed historically by Vitalink:  Safe_Cookbook_Medicatieschema_v5.4_EN.pdf. Read as well the info on the subject on eHealth platform website.

Find below the links to connect to the Brussels Health Network servers: