What guarantor doctor to choose?

  • If you are assigned to FAMGB (Fédération des Associations de Médecins Généralistes de Bruxelles) , choose Dr. Lawrence Cuvelier.
  • If you are assigned to BHAK (Brusselse Huisartsen Kring), choose Dr. Hakki Demirkappu.
  • For doctors assigned to another GP group,
    • please enquire if a doctor of your group is already designated as guarantor.
    • If no one is designated as guarantor, please select Dr. Lawrence Cuvelier. Upon registration, the guarantor receives an email to confirm your registration. To do this, we need a list with the names of doctors in your group registered in the “Doctor on call/Doctor on duty” organization. The signature of the president of the group must validate this list.
    • Please send this list to the administrative department of Abrumet.