what is the new regulation for prescription’s validity?

Since the 1st of November 2019, a new rule applies regarding the validity of your prescriptions. Check out the video that explains this new rule (coming soon).

  • Previously, a prescribed drug could be dispensed by a pharmacist with no time limit while the health care insurance reimbursed the drug “until the end of the 3rd month following the prescription date”.
  • Since November 1, 2019, the time during which a pharmacist can deliver a drug and the time that the drug is reimbursable by health care insurance are aligned.

Your prescriptions from 1 November 2019, are by default valid 3 months. You still have the freedom to adapt the validity period of your prescriptions: either less than 3 months, or up to 1 year maximum. Do not forget to explicitly note the “end date” on your electronic or paper prescription.

The advantage of this new regulation?

A simpler and more transparent system for prescribers, pharmacists and patients alike. This rule makes it possible especially to better “stick” to the reality of the evolution of health of each of your patients.

Which prescriptions are affected by this new rule?

All the prescriptions of General Practitioners, Specialist Physicians, Dentists and Midwives.

The prescriptions of pharmaceutical supplies are also concerned but not those of bandage prescriptions.

The new prescription paper models and proof of prescription: 

They can be used from 1 November 2019 and will be mandatory from 1 February 2020.

The new electronic prescriptions:

The medical software and the Paris web application will be adapted by May 31, 2020 the latest. During this adaptation period, it will not be possible to adapt the default validity of 3 months of electronic prescriptions, unless your software has already adapted this novelty.

As a reminder, the electronic prescription becomes mandatory from 1 January 2020. From this date, the “paper” prescription will only be allowed in exceptional situations.

Consult the INAMI website for any additional information.