A person of trust

When the patient experiences a loss of autonomy and has difficulty managing his or her medical file, a person or persons of trust may be nominated. This will help in managing the shared health folder but only the patient themselves can take decisions affecting him of her.

To do this, the patient and trustworthy person must have registered their consent.

  1. The Brussels Health Network platform allows you to create a link woth the trustworhty person of our choice
    • The patient logs in to the private space with his identity card and pin code or with its Itsme account.
    • In the profile section, clic on “trusted person” button and fill in the ID number and the card number of the chosen “trustworhty person”
  2. You can also use a pdf document to send to the administrative department of Abrumet. Some hospital admission services allow registration of a link to the person of trust.