Allow the patient to read his health records shared by hospitals

Hospitals, as health data producer, also have the possibility to enable the option in their medical software to give the patient access to the content of the data they publish.

The parameters of the medical softwares of the hospitals (DPI) make it possible to adapt the access modalities (immediate, after a certain period, releasable by the author of the document or no access) according to the different types of documents that are shared on the health networks in the context of electronic sharing.

Some documents, especially coming from hospitals, have a special status because they require the presence of a doctor to reveal the content to the patient in the best conditions. These documents may have the status “releasable by the general practitioner”. Ask your GP to release your documents as soon as he has explained the content of your hospital report. He will have to do it manually for each document via his secure web portal. Discover how to do in the second part of the video. It only exist in French and Dutch

It is the medical management of each healthcare institution that decides on its own rules of publication and access to the patient. We can therefore imagine that at first some patients can experience a disparate situation depending on the decisions of the different institutions where he was cared.