Instructions to give access to your patients to the content of their sumehr

As healthcare professional, you can decide if you allow your patients to read the content of their health summary (Sumehr). Only the information relevant to their care will be shared via the sumehr on the health networks. In the majority of cases, you transparently record the contents of this health summary with your patient.

Since January 15, 2019, we have enabled the patient’s access to his sumehr by default.

Accès patient au sumehr
  • If you want to allow all your patients to immediately access their SUMEHRs, no action on your part is necessary. Sumehrs that you shared before January 15, 2019 are not accessible to the patient by default.
  • If, on the other hand, you wish that none of your patients can read the contents of his sumehr you can modify these parameters by logging in to the secure area of the Brussels Health Network. Click on the top right on your profile page. Discover the steps to follow in the video tutorial (only in French or Dutch).

If, for any particular reason, you wish to modify the access of a specific patient to the content of a particular sumehr, you will need to manually change the access rule to that sumehr via the web portal. Here are the steps to follow:

  • In the list of your patients, select this specific patient.
  • By clicking on “manage”, you can adapt the access rule of your sumehr.
  • You can then make it accessible 30 days after its publication or make it inaccessible.