Patient access to their medical records

Since May 2018, Abrumet allows you, as patient, to have a secure access to your shared records on the Brussels Health Network web portal. Since January 15 2019, you have standard access to the content of your medical summary (Sumehr) shared by your general practicioner, unless the access settings have been changed.

Here are the necessary conditions for this access :

  1. You gave your informed consent to the electronic sharing of your records
  2. The document has been shared on the network by the physician/the hospital you went to
  3. The physician/the hospital decided to share AND made the needed handling in their medical software so that the document is accessible
    1. The document is immediately accessible
    2. The document will be accessible 30 days after it has been shared on the Brussels Health Network

Why a 30 day period before the patient has access to the document?

When you receive a result, it’s important that you are accompagnied with the healthcare practitioner who can explain the significance of your result under the best conditions. However, if you would like to have your results before that period, lease ask your physician.

It’s been a month that I had medical examinations and I don’t see my results.

Each physician/hospital can decide to make the patient’s shared documents visible or not. Moreover, each decision needs a technical manipulation in the medical software to allow that access. Practically, even in that case, it can take a few weeks before the access to the records is completely operational.

You certainly have other questions about the subject, feel free to read our other FAQ.