Registration of a person who is mentally incapacitated to make a decision

In the absence of a legal representative appointed by the adult patient, the patient’s legislative rights provides that where the patient is mentally incompetent to make a decision, the administrator of the person, his close spouse or parent may have to make a decision on the person’s behalf (in priority order provided in the law). As part of the shared digital health records, this means that the decision to consent to data sharing could be performed by one of the persons referred to above.

  • If the patient has an ISI or ISI + card, the patient’s legal representative may ask the GP, the admissions department of a hospital, mutual or pharmacists to record the consent of the patient.
  • If the patient has neither an eID identity card nor ISI / ISI + card, please complete the pdf form and return it to the administrative department of Abrumet.

If the patient is not incapacitated anymore, he or she can obviously withdraw consent at any time.