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Conditions of use

Abrumet grants the user access to its Brussels Health Network website. This document contains the rules and conditions relating to the use of  this website.

Terms of use and data protection measures for the Brussels Health Network website

By continuing to visit this website, the user accepts these terms of use in full and unconditionally and also undertakes to respect them. If the user refuses to accept these terms, he/she must leave the website.

For all questions about these Terms of Use for the Brussels Health Network website, please contact


• User: this term refers to any person who uses the site or one of the services offered by the website.
• User content: all data transmitted to the website by the User.
• Member: any User identified on the website through prior registration.

Quality of information

The information made available via the Brussels Health Network website is believed to be accurate at the time of its publication, although it may have become inaccurate or out of date at the time it is viewed by the user. As a consequence, no guarantee can be given as to the quality, accuracy or completeness of any item of information viewed on the Brussels Health Network website.

The contents of the Brussels Health Network website may be adjusted, modified or added to at any time, without any advance warning or notification of any kind.

Access to services

The site is accessible free of charge to any User with Internet access. All costs incurred by the User to access the service (computer hardware, software, Internet connection, etc.) are at their expense.

The site allows the User free access to the following services:

• Registration for practical training in the use of software in the field of medicine and for e-health information seminars;

• Request for the organization of individual coaching sessions;

• Remote assistance request for technical problems;

• Newsletter Sign-Up ;

• Viewing of e-learning capsules.

The User agrees to use the content of the website within the strict framework of his activity as a health professional. Use of the content for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
User Content may be deleted or modified by the site at any time and for any reason. The User does not receive any justification or notification prior to the deletion or modification of User Content.


Abrumet implements all the means at its disposal to ensure quality access to its website and to its online services. The obligation being of means, Abrumet does not undertake to achieve this result.

Abrumet cannot be held responsible for the fraudulent use of the website or the looting of data that could result from unauthorized access to its computer systems despite the means implemented to prevent such unauthorized access.

Abrumet declines all responsibility for any damage that may result from the use of the website or from information obtained through the website. This includes, without any limits, all indirect damage, all losses, interruption to the user’s work, deterioration of programs or data on the computer system, hardware, software, etc. belonging to the user. The user is responsible for taking all precautions for ensuring that what he/she selects for his/her use is free of all viruses, worms, Trojan horses and any other elements that might damage his/her data or hardware.

As a result, the user is wholly responsible for any use that he/she makes of the information obtained via the Brussels Health Network website.

Finally, an optimal guarantee of the security and confidentiality of the data transmitted is not guaranteed by the website. Abrumet is committed to implementing all necessary means to best guarantee data security and confidentiality. The obligation being of means, Abrumet does not undertake to achieve this result.

Any use by the User of the website or of the services offered by Abrumet which directly or indirectly results in damage engages its liability towards Abrumet or any damaged third party.

Links and redirections

This website contains hypertext links to other sites, as well as redirections to other sources of information. These links and sources of information are made available to the user on an indicative basis only. Abrumet does not control these hypertext links or the other sources of information featured on the website and hence is unable to offer any guarantee regarding the quality and/or exhaustive nature of this information.

Abrumet declines all responsibility for any damage that may result from viewing the information contained on other sites or in other sources of information in general to which the Brussels Health Network website redirects the user.

Intellectual property rights

In accordance with the provisions of Volume XI, Section 5 of the Code of Economic Law relative to copyright and associated rights, the User has the right to download and reproduce the information featured on this website for his/her personal use.

Access by the User to this site or any information contained on it cannot be considered in any way as the granting of any intellectual property right of any kind for the user’s benefit.

Abrumet reserves all intellectual property rights on the Brussels Health Network website. The page layout of the site is also protected by intellectual property rights. The hypertext links featured on this site are not the subject of this protection.

Information of a medical nature, if in its original form, is protected by copyright. The author is the holder of that right. However, the author may only exercise that right if its exercise does not infringe the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation EU / 2016/679, “GDPR”), as well as the rules of ethics and professional conduct specific to the author’s profession.

Interruption of service

Abrumet does everything it can to prevent interruptions due to technical problems. In any event, Abrumet is unable to guarantee that such interruptions will not occur or that the site will not encounter other technical problems that may render it inaccessible.

Protection of personal data

The personal data that the user communicates through the website of the Brussels Health Network will be processed by Abrumet, in its capacity as data controller within the meaning of Article 4 of the GDPR, and as part of the exercise of its public interest mission, for the following purposes:
– Website operation: ensure the proper functioning of the website and establish statistics;
– Training: allow access to training content and tools offered by Abrumet;
– Communication (newsletter sending): inform healthcare professionals and, where applicable, patients, about Abrumet’s activities.

  • Last name and first name;
  • E-mail address;
  • Profession
  • INAMI number
  • Language (French, Dutch);
  • Region for which cover is provided;
  • Phone number
  • Used software

Abrumet will not pass on personal data to third parties, except where legally obliged to do so pas.

Any request relative to access rights, rectification, objection, deletion, restriction of processing or portability pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation may be sent by e-mail to the Data Protection Officer at Abrumet or by post, also to the DPO, (Rue de la Montagne,11- 1000 Brussels).

The user may also lodge a complaint with the Belgian Data Protection Authority.


Abrumet uses cookies on this website, in accordance with the legislation in force.

For more information about cookies, please see the cookie policy.


Abrumet may modify the information contained in these Terms of Use for the Brussels Health Network website without notice.


Any dispute or action relative to the Brussels Health Network website or any information featured on the website is governed by Belgian law. By viewing or using the Brussels Health Network website, the user recognises the sole jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals in Belgium and the application of Belgian law.


Amended 03/03/2021


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