Share your health data 

Put the odds on your side by sharing your health data via the Brussels Health Network. It allows the healthcare professionals who treat you to have a global and immediate view of your health. And it allows you to take a more active part in your health.

About Abrumet

Field association serving e-health and the sharing of computerized health data.

The Brussels Health Network

The Brussels Health Network is an initiative of health professionals united within Abrumet

IT Projects


It is a computer server that allows the electronic and secure sharing of encrypted and structured health data accessible round the clock, year round.

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The FHIR for the Brussels Health Network

Abrumet develops new tools according to the FHIR standard currently being adopted in Belgium so as to improve the functionalities and accessibility of the Brussels Health Network.

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Latest news

Information for Ukrainian refugees in Belgium

Information for Ukrainian refugees in Belgium

Brussels Health Network would like to show its support to the population of Ukraine and lists below some links to help them with their medical care. Please find all the information concerning medical care for Ukrainian refugees on the official website of the Belgian...

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