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Consult your online medical recordMy doctor and I, we have a lot to share.

Covid-19 Information

When and where to get tested ?

Test Center Map

Where can you find your Covid-19 test results?

Wherever you are in Belgium and whatever laboratory performed the analysis:

Consult my COVID-19 results (PCR tests)

Access only to your Covid-19 results, whether or not your consent has been given to the sharing of your health data. Possible access with or without registration on the Brussels Health Network.
If you have consented to the sharing of your health data you will have access to your entire shared Health folder. If you have been tested in one of these hospitals, you will also receive your result via SMS: Bordet, CHU St Pierre, Saint Luc, CHU Brugmann, Huderf, Erasme, Cliniques de l’Europe, UZ Brussel, HIS (Bracops, Molière, Ixelles, Baron Lambert), St Jean, CHIREC

What if my COVID-19 test result is positive?

You’ll find all the information here

Share your health data securely

Play a more active role in your health

Find out how to better manage your health by logging into your secure online platform.

Do you want to be more involved in taking your health in charge? the platform of the Brussels Health Network helps you there. It allows you, among other things, to see which documents are shared on health networks, how to manage access to your documents, appoint people you trust, …

Five videos explain you step by step how to do it.(only in french and dutch)

  •  VIDEO 1: Let’s connect to your health platform


  •  VIDEO 2: Which documents are shared on this platform?

  •  VIDEO 3: Who has access to your data?

  •  VIDEO 4: What is the consent? How to register a kid, a person of trust and foreign nationals

  •  VIDEO 5: Which link exists between the national portal myhealth.belgium and the one of Brussels Health Network?

Your online health record, thanks to the Brussels Health Network

The online medical record allows the patient to have his health record at any time with him, for better car of his health and the health of his relatives.

NEW : You can have access to the content of your shared documents electronically.

The access of the patient to his medical record by electronic means is part of the eHealth Action Plan validated by all the Belgian ministers of health. Ask your healthcare provider to activate the option that will give you access to the contents of your documents. More information about the subject.

And now, you have access to your valid electronic prescriptions on the Brussels Health Network portal.

The online medical record for a better care of your and your relative’s health.

The electronic medical record of the patient is in the heart of the sharing of health datas. Belgium chose the interconnection of online medical records and the flow of information between providers rather than centralizing the patient’s medical data. This interconnection of medical data is called “Shared Health Record

The advantages of the online health record ?

  • Optimal health care through better communication between your doctors
  • Your shared documents accessible via a web portal
  • You offer a global view of your health history to all doctors who have to treat you

The sharing of medical data is part of the exclusive framework of continuity of care, to improve their quality and safety. In other words, a professional who is not involved in your care can not claim to access the data that concerns you. It is necessary that there exists between you and the professional a therapeutic relation.

Members and hospitals connected to the Brussels Heath Network