The SumEHR

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The SumEHR

 The English acronym SumEHR (Summarised Electronic Health Record) refers to the summarised health record of the patient which gives a medical picture of the patient’s health status.

The SumEHR contains lots of important information useful to doctors, healthcare providers and the patients themselves. A good SumEHR can save lives or at least save valuable time. This sharing of health data is essential for a better monitoring of the patient by their healthcare team.

Publishing a good Sumehr (as a general practitioner)

The benefits of the summarized electronic health record :

  • Enables the best possible treatment to be given to patients
  • Makes the patient the actor of his health
  • Facilitates the sharing of information between health professionals
  • Helps in the care of the patient
  • Useful in case of emergency
  • Is a medical history of the patient

How can you improve the quality of your Sumehrs ?

A good quality SumEHR assumes:

  • Rigorous encoding: The use of codes for the established diagnosis means that it can be read in all national languages,
  • To be as complete possible 
  • To code all essential elements (contact person, vaccinations, allergies, chronic illnesses)
  • To check at each consultation if the document is up to date (that the latest relevant information is recorded)

Access matrix for the SumEHR

Access matrix for the SumEHR


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