The Sumehr

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The Sumehr

The English acronym SumEHR (Summarised Electronic Health Record) refers to the summarised health record of the patient which gives a medical picture of the patient’s health status.

The SumEHR contains lots of important information useful to doctors, healthcare providers and the patients themselves. A good SumEHR can save lives or at least save valuable time. This sharing of health data is essential for a better monitoring of the patient by their healthcare team.

Publishing a good Sumehr (as a general practitioner)

Why should you create a Sumehr and how do you do it ?

Discover the answer by watching our 8-minute e-learning divided into two parts:

  • The first section of the video is a theoretical approach which covers a description of the SumEHR, its access, components, creation, etc.

  • The second part offers a practical element which directs you back to the professional software tools (Careconnect, Healthone, Medispring, Daktari, Medinect)

*available only in french and dutch 

Why is it useful to publish a Sumehr ?

Who better than your colleagues or patients to convince you!

We met with hospital and other specialists, nurses, midwives and patients who present messages in short testimonial clips.

With concrete examples, they explain the advantages of a summarised electronic health record for each patient.

*available only in french and dutch

How can you improve the quality of your Sumehrs ?

A good quality SumEHR assumes:

  • Rigorous encoding: The use of codes for the established diagnosis means that it can be read in all national languages, 
  • To be as complete possible 
  • To code all essential elements (contact person, vaccinations, allergies, chronic illnesses)
  • To check at each consultation if the document is up to date (that the latest relevant information is recorded)

The Sumehr, a 3-level view

A step by step approach according to your professional software

Learn at your own pace and in an interactive way how to make a good SumEHR from your professional software.

Click below on the one you use.

*available only in french and dutch


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