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General FAQ


How do I remove the referencing of a published document ?

You can do so in 2 different ways:

  • either via your patient software. Contact your software provider directly to explain the procedure to you; or
  • via Brussels Health Network platform.

How can I modify a document for my patient referenced on the Brussels Health Network ?

A document referenced on the Brussels Health Network cannot be modified, even by its author. In the event of error, it can be removed and replaced by a corrected version.

I do not have any patient software (DMI). Is it possible to view my patients' documents?

In order to view the documents of your patients from the Brussels Health Network platform, you must be registered

Log in with your ID card and your pin code. Click on “my patients”. If your therapeutic link is still valid, you can access your patients’ shared documents.

Who do I contact if I want to organize Glems, dodecagroups, seminars, etc.?

If you are doctor who wants to organize a Glem, dodecagroup, or seminar, etc. and you would like to develop the topic of electronic sharing of medical data via health networks, contact the Abrumet administrative department.

I want to keep abreast of developments in the Brussels Health Network and its training courses.

Registration FAQ


Which eHealth network should I register with?

Care providers whose practice is in Brussels should preferably register with the Brussels Health Network. This will allow you to access the information communication premiums to which you are potentially entitled.

If you are registered with another health network, you can view your patients’ shared documents through your professional software (DMI). You can also view your patients’ shared documents through our website: when you first connect, you will have to identify yourself completely and validate the privacy regulations and the terms of use of the Brussels Health Network.

Do I have to register with other eHealth networks in the country?

No, as soon as you are registered on one of the Belgian eHealth networks, you have access to all your patient’s shared medical documents, irrespective of the region in which they were published.

This is the whole point of the eHealth networks.

I have registered on eHealth. Do I have to register on the Brussels Health Network again?

The eHealth platform and the Brussels Health Network are different entities.

You register on the eHealth platform as a care provider in order to obtain your eHealth certificate. It is used to authenticate you when you use various eHealth related services.

To access shared patient documents on health networks in Belgium, you need to register as a healthcare provider on the Brussels Health Network.

What do I need to register as a healthcare provider on the Brussels Health Network?

  1. Have an electronic identity card (eID) and the associated PIN code (secret code).
  2. Have an electronic identity card reader and install the eID software. Click here for the installation procedure.
  3. If you have an older version, make sure you reinstall the latest version.
  4. Have a recent program that can read PDF files (ex: Adobe Acrobat Reader)

I have registered with the Brussels Health Network but I cannot access the electronic health sharing features

Please contact our helpdesk.


The Brussels Health Network brings together all public and private Brussels hospitals as well as the French and Dutch speaking associations of general practitioners in Brussels (FAMGB and BHAK). We are the ideal partner for any project related to e-health in the Brussels region.