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How to register ?

To benefit from the services offered by the Brussels Health Network, you must :

If you are in individual practice, your registration request must be validated by a guarantor of your profession.

If you are a hospital provider, your institution is responsible for your registration.

To view your own health data, you must register as a patient.


1 - You are a care provider outside the hospital

You must first have identified yourself in a league, federation or professional association, one of whose members recognized by the Brussels Health Network will act as guarantor for your registration. Please consult our page “which guarantor to choose.”

Exception for self-employed nurses: it is not necessary to indicate a guarantor for registration.

Registration is a 3-step process:

1. Registration

2. Notification to the guarantoor

A notification will be sent to the guarantor you have selected to inform him or her that you are waiting for your registration to be approuved.

3. Access to your patient’s shared documents

You now have access to your patients’ shared documents through your patient software (DMI) or our portal*. A tab shows you all the shared medical data (on the Brussels Health Network and on other Belgian health networks) of the patient concerned.

*If you do not have medical software yet, access your patients’ shared documents through the Brussels Health Network platform.

2 - You are a care provider in a hospital

When you start work, the hospital’s human resources department will inform you of your registration with the Brussels Health Network after you have agreed to that network’s Privacy policy. This policy is important because it apprises you of the terms and conditions of access to your patients’ files.

The medical directorate is the guarantor for all care providers working within its facilities.

You are not yet registered? Ask your medical directorate to see to the necessary formalities.

Once registered, you have access to shared patient health records through the hospital’s software (DPI). However, you can also access shared patient health records through the Brussels Health Network portal.

3 - You are a medical centre or institution

Any care institution that wishes to join the Brussels Health Network must submit an official request to  Abrumet.

Once it has joined, the institution can request access authorizations for certain specific users.

4 - You are a junior doctor

You must first choose the guarantor who will be responsible for your registration with the Brussels Health Network.

Registration takes place in 3 steps:

1. Registration

2. Medical office certificate

Send to a document signed by you and the medical office where you work, with the mentions :

  • “I have read the operating rules ofthe Brussels Health Network.”
  • “I am acting within the framework of continuity of care”

2. Notification to the guarantoor

    Once the documents have been sent, we notify the guarantoor that you can be accredited (=you are given access to the HUB).


    If you need technical advice, you can request it using the form available here.


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