Third party registration

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How do I register a third party?

In the article IV of the Law of Patients’ Right, a patient has the right to be represented.

Two scenarios can arise:

  • Minor children
  • Of age patients who, according to the healthcare practitioner, are de facto not capable to express their will (e.g. a person who is in a coma).

The legal representative has the same rights as the patient. He can access, via the secure portal of the Brussels Health Network, the documents of the patient of which he is the legal representative who are shared on the health networks.

1. Registration of minor children

The legal representative (if declared as such) has access to the shared file of a child under 12 years of age registered with the Réseau Santé Bruxellois.

For children aged between 12 and 16, only healthcare professionals with a therapeutic relationship with the child have access to the child’s computerized health record. The legal representative can always exercise this right and consult the contents of the documents in paper format by making a request to the care provider.

With regard to registering the consent of minors, from the age of sixteen minors have the option of registering their consent themselves. Under the age of sixteen, this right belongs to their legal representative.

  • If the minor child has an ISI or ISI+ card: his/her legal representative can ask his/her doctor, hospital admissions department, mutual insurance companies and pharmacists to register the child’s consent.
  • If the minor child has neither an eID card nor an ISI/ISI+ card: please complete the pdf form and return it to Abrumet’s administrative department.

2. Registration of a person who is mentally incapacitated to make a decision

In the absence of a legal representative appointed by the adult patient, the patient’s legislative rights provides that where the patient is mentally incompetent to make a decision, the administrator of the person, his close spouse or parent may have to make a decision on the person’s behalf (in priority order provided in the law). As part of the shared digital health records, this means that the decision to consent to data sharing could be performed by one of the persons referred to above.

  • If the patient has an ISI or ISI + card, the patient’s legal representative may ask the GP, the admissions department of a hospital, mutual or pharmacists to record the consent of the patient.
  • If the patient has neither an eID identity card nor ISI / ISI + card, please complete the pdf form and return it to the administrative department of Abrumet.

If the patient is not incapacitated anymore, he or she can obviously withdraw consent at any time.

3. Declare a person of trust

When the patient experiences a loss of autonomy and has difficulty managing his or her medical file, a person or persons of trust may be nominated. This will help in managing the shared health folder but only the patient themselves can take decisions affecting him of her. The identity of the person of trust must be registered on the Brussels Health Network.

To do this, the patient and trustworthy person must have registered their consent.

  • Via the Brussels Health Network
    1. The patient logs in to the private space with his identity card and pin code or with its Itsme account.
    2. In the profile section, clic on “trusted person” button and fill in the ID number and the card number of the chosen “trustworhty person”
  • You can also use a pdf document to send to the administrative department of Abrumet.
  • Some hospital admission services allow registration of a link to the person of trust.

4. Registration of a foreign nationals

  • Foreign citizens officially residing in Belgium who, like Belgian citizens, possess an EID card. They can therefore also give their consent and have access to the Brussels Health Network.Choose the registration of consent method that suits you best.
  • Those not yet considered as official residents in Belgium but are receiving social benefits were given a bis number by the Crossroads Bank for social security .  This number can also be used to record consent.

If the first 6 digits of the NISS number does not match your birth date, complete the pdf form and return it to the administrative department of Abrumet.


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