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Are my health data safe?

The Brussels Health Network cooperates with the (federal) e-Health platform and has developed with respect for the individuality of each partner and due concern for the maximum protection of the privacy of patients.

The Brussels Health Network uses highly secure technologies that meet the predefined criteria by the eHealth platform. All data is encrypted from end-to-end.  All access to listed documents is monitored.

Reed more about Brussels Health network Security and privacy and Condition of use

It’s been a month that I had medical examinations and I don’t see my results.

Each physician/hospital can decide to make the patient’s shared documents visible or not. Moreover, each decision needs a technical manipulation in the medical software to allow that access. Practically, even in that case, it can take a few weeks before the access to the records is completely operational.

My GP is not listed on the Brussels Health Network

If this is the case, your GP will not able to view documents that have been shared on health networks since your registration.

Your GP will probably receive some of your files through the usual communication channels but the shipping delays are often long.

Do not hesitate to inform your GP of the many benefits of digital file sharing of your health data.

On which network should I register?

If for example, you live in Flanders / Wallonia but you are getting treatment in Brussels, you can register on the Brussels Health Network. Via this platform, you can access your shared health records that brings together virtually all the documents that are shared by hospitals and doctors in Brussels, Flanders or Wallonia.

I’ve moved, do I have to withdraw my consent?

No, you do not have to withdraw your consent. Only withdraw your consent when you refuse to share your health information through secure digital file sharing.

If you change your GP, you can eventually stop the therapeutic relationship between you and your doctor. Be aware that this therapeutic relationship has limited time duration. How to manage my shared health records if I do not have a computer?

Different forms allow you to manage access to your shared health folder granting or denying access to some doctors.

You can request:

  • Creation of a therapeutic relationship,
  • Deletion of a therapeutic relationship,
  • Exclusion of a doctor,
  • Management of access to a document folder.
  • Removing the referencing of a medical document

Send these completed documents to the administrative department of Abrumet who will process them for you.

I am looking for reliable medical information

Go on infoSante website in FR

or on gezondheidenwetenschap website in NL

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