Who has access to my health record ?

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Who has access to my health record ?

To access your health records shared on Belgian health networks, there are strict rules of access. Only health professionals who meet all the rules can access your shared documents.

Health care professionals with whom you have a care–giver or therapeutic relationship, that is to say, those who care for you in the strict framework of the quality and continuity of care. This is, for example, the doctor or specialist, pharmacist, physiotherapist, nurse, midwife, dentist, paramedic.

This means that the occupational physician, the one your insurance or your insurance company uses, does not have access to your data.

If you excluded a healthcare professional, this person can never access shared documents on health networks.

Depending on their access rights, each professional category has access to some shared data. Access rules vary depending on which kind of professional consults your data.  For example, a pharmacist can’t see your lab results but a doctor may see medication that has been prescribed to you.

The default access rules for health professionals (what information can be consulted by nurses, physiotherapists, etc.) are being gradually established.

Remember, that in order to exist, this “therapeutic relationship” must be proved: this being the case when you give your electronic identity card to the admissions department of a hospital, a doctor or a pharmacist.

Will my GP will have access to medical records stored in a hospital?

The GP registered with a health network has access to medical records shared by the hospital institutions, within the limitations of continuity of care, and provided that the author and the patient do not have limited access rights to shared documents.

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