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I’m enquiring / My shared health record

Who has access to my health record ?

If you’re asking yourself this question, it’s because you’ve consented to the sharing of your health data, which is why it is shared and available on the Brussels Health Network.
You and your healthcare professionals can access it, but they must comply with 3 strict access rules:
  • Consent
  • Therapeutic relationship (as part of continuity of care)
  • Access matrix
Only care providers who meet all the rules can access your shared documents. 

1 – The consent

Your registration with the Brussels Health Network is valid everywhere in Belgium and is free.

Once you have given your consent, you do not have to give it again later on. Your doctor, pharmacist, hospital, immediately sees via its software if you have already given your consent

Your consent allows the exchange of digital health data securely between all the care providers and institutions with whom you have a therapeutic relationship.

You are free to subscribe and unsubscribe at any time. Deregistration also has a national scope. If you withdraw your consent, all the services related to these projects will be deactivated (your health documents will no longer be published).

How to register my consent in a practical way?

  • Via your GP, if already enrolled in the Brussels Health Network
  • Via the hospital admissions department
  • via your pharmacist
  • Via your mutual
  • Via a downloadable PDF form, filled out and returned to the administrative department of Abrumet
  • Via the website, if you have an electronic identity card (eID), a pin code and card reader (for Windows users)
  • Via the e-health platform or another of the country’s health networks

    Have I already given my consent?

    If you are already registered on another Belgian network this means that you have already given your consent. Your consent to share your health information digitally and securely. Therefore, you do not have to give your consent again.

    Nevertheless, if you want to access your shared health records, you must register with the Brussels Health Network platform by clicking the “I wish to register” button.

    On the home page, click on  “e-ID login” or “Itsme login” button.

    • If you are registered, you will automatically go to the home page of your secure portal.
    • If you have not yet registered, a message will notify you and suggest that you register

    2 – The therapeutic relationship

    A “therapeutic relationship” is created when there is contact between a patient and a health care provider as part of a care relationship. The concept of a therapeutic relationship encompasses any health professional who is involved in the continuity of care of a patient, including specialists in analysis or medical imaging. If you have given your consent, the creation of this relationship allows the healthcare professional to access your shared data.

    This means that your company doctor, your mutual insurance company doctor or your insurance company doctor do not have access to your health data.

    The doctor creates this therapeutic relationship directly via the GP’s software during your consultation. If you wish, you can manage these links via the Brussels Health Network platform. Remember that in order to exist, this “therapeutic relationship” must be able to be proven: this is the case, for example, when you give your electronic identity card to a hospital admissions department, doctor or pharmacist.

    The duration of the therapeutic relationship varies depending on the context of your care and the type of relationship you have with the health professional.

    • If you have a long-term relationship with your GP or pharmacist, the period of access to your data by your doctor can be up to 15 months.
    • However, if you have occasional contact with a health professional, the period of access to your data will be limited to a period of three months.
    • And finally, an emergency room doctor will have access to your data for a period of one month.

    Managing my therapeutic links

    If you wish, you can manage these links via your patient portal on the Brussels Health Network. Find out how by watching the video above.

    As soon as you remove a therapeutic link, the healthcare professional no longer has access to your data via the health networks. If you wish to deprive the healthcare professional of access on a permanent basis, you must exclude him or her.

    If you have excluded a healthcare professional, he or she will never be able to access your shared documents on healthcare networks.

    3 – The access matrix

    Depending on their access rights, each category of professional has access to certain shared data. Access rules vary according to the professionals who consult your data. For example, a pharmacist will not be able to see your laboratory results, but a doctor will be able to see the drugs you have been prescribed.
    Tableau illustrant l'accès aux documents partagés en fonction de chaque profession