The guarantor

I’m registering

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is a reference person (FAMGB [Federation of Association of General Practitioners of Brussels], Regional Association, League, Federations…)

He or she guarantees that you are practising in the discipline in a legitimate way and for the continuity of care for the patient.

Who to contact?

Whatever your sector, the guarantor you chose when you registered will receive an email to confirm your registration.


If you are a general practitioner

  • If you are registered with the FAMGB/FBHAV [Fédération des Associations de Médecins Généralistes de Bruxelles] / [ Federatie van de Brusselse Huisartsen Verenigingen] : Dr Lawrence Cuvelier.
  • If you are registered with the Brusselse Huisartsen Kring (BHAK): Dr Maik Van der Auwera or Annick Dermine (Huis voor Gezondheid).
  • For doctors from other federations:  please find out whether a doctor from your federation is already designated as a guarantor for the Brussels Health Network. If no one is designated as guarantor, please choose Dr Lawrence Cuvelier.

If you are a specialist

Send us a certificate of care to the following address: and select Dr Lawrence Cuvelier as guarantor.

If you are a junior doctor

Choose Dr Lawrence Cuvelier.

If you are a physiotherapist

Your guarantor in Brussels is Fabienne Van Dooren.

If you are a nurse

It is not necessary to indicate a guarantor when you register with the Network.

If you are a midwife

Your guarantor in Brussels is Vanessa Wittvrouw.

If you are a pharmacist

For Brussels, you must choose one of the following three guarantors:

  • Anne Santi (Multipharma – Ophaco)
  • Ann Herzeel ( -Independent pharmacists)
  • Charles Ronlez (APB)

If you are a dietician

Your guarantor in Brussels is Geneviève Simonis or Sylvain Voussure.

If you are a dentist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, ...

Please register online and select a guarantor in your sector.

If you work in a hospital

The institution will act as guarantor for your registration. You do not need to take any action in this respect.


The Brussels Health Network brings together all public and private Brussels hospitals as well as the French and Dutch speaking associations of general practitioners in Brussels (FAMGB and BHAK). We are the ideal partner for any project related to e-health in the Brussels region.