Why ?

I’m registering 

Why register ?

  • Overall view of your health: Thanks to secure digital file sharing of health data, professionals who treat you finally have an overall view of your health. They can treat you better when they know your medical history.
  • Better collaboration and better communication between all professionals who care for you: you no longer need to undergo unnecessary examinations, medication prescriptions will not be contraindicated and you will receive an accurate diagnosis.
  • Less paper to store or transmit. You avoid losing a medical document.

Registration with the Brussels Health Network is free and valid throughout Belgium, as it is associated with equivalent networks in Wallonia and Flanders.

To benefit from the services offered by the Brussels Health Network, you must register and read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. To register, you need to “authenticate” yourself using your identity card, the card reader and PIN code or, even easier, the Itsme application, which allows you to identify yourself digitally.

When you register with the Brussels Health Network, you give your consent, as a patient, to the secure sharing of your health data at national level between the professionals who care for you. Registration is entirely free of charge.
Once you’ve registered, you’ll have access to your personal private space, where you’ll find a range of documents and information. All this data forms what is known as the Dossier Santé Partagé (not to be confused with the Dossier Médical Global managed solely by your GP).

I am already registered on another Belgian network

This means that you have already given your consent, your consent to share your health information digitally and securely. Therefore, you do not have to give your consent again.

Nevertheless, if you want to access your shared health records, you must register with the Brussels Health Network platform by clicking the “I’m logging in” button.


The Brussels Health Network brings together all public and private Brussels hospitals as well as the French and Dutch speaking associations of general practitioners in Brussels (FAMGB and BHAK). We are the ideal partner for any project related to e-health in the Brussels region.