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eHealth in Belgium


From health to eHealth

The advent of new technologies and the transition from paper to computerized patient records has revolutionized the way you work.

The aim of moving to eHealth is to increase the efficiency of information exchanges between the different health care providers around a patient so as to improve the continuity of care.

You receive an emergency patient in your surgery. Thanks to the Brussels Health Network, you will have at hand immediately the main elements of his medical file: you can immediately identify that he is diabetic, has just undergone an operation and know the treatment he is taking.

In order for such sharing to take place under the required conditions, the system must of course guarantee security and confidentiality.

The Brussels Health Network ensures a better flow of information and allows for better coordination between care providers who then have immediate access to the relevant patient data.

Electronic health record sharing via the Brussels Health Network

The Brussels Health Network enables care providers to exchange computerized documents for the same patient (examination results, medical reports, correspondence, etc.).

The aim is to facilitate patient care, with :

  • A global view of the patient’s health history
  • Immediate and secure 24/7 access
  • Facilitating collaboration between care providers
  • Simplified administrative follow-up
  • Support for diagnosis (without replacing it)

One element is fundamental nonetheless: access to data is authorized only for the continuity of care.

The 4 health networks in Belgium

  1. Brussels Health Network
  2. Le Réseau Santé Wallon
  3. CoZo
  4. Nexushealth

They all communicate Wirth each other through the federal eHealth platform project. The data accessible on the Brussels Health Network can therefore come from care institutions located anywhere in Belgium.

The Brussels Health Network is the tool that enables you to share patient data electronically and securely.

Data protection

The Brussels Health Network cooperates with the (federal) eHealth platform. It has been developed with respect for the individuality of each institutional partner and with a concern for maximum protection of patient privacy.

If you are interested in learning more about what’s being done with health data, here is a presentation of the eHealth platform that provides an overview of data use in the COVID-19 crisis.

What's on the move in eHealth

  • Information and video on ePrescription
  • VIDIS: The Virtual Integrated Drug Information System project aims to organize and stimulate the sharing of data and information between all parties involved in the medication process in Belgium. It also represents a change in the working methods of all such parties. All information on the INAMI website FR or NL.

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The Brussels Health Network brings together all public and private Brussels hospitals as well as the French and Dutch speaking associations of general practitioners in Brussels (FAMGB and BHAK). We are the ideal partner for any project related to e-health in the Brussels region.