Why ?

I’m registering

Why register on the Brussels Health Network ?

The Brussels Health Network can be used share your patients’ health data electronically and securely. It thus makes it easier for you and the other healthcare providers involved in your patient’s care.

By way of reminder, such sharing is carried out only as part of continuity of care.


Some benefits of sharing healthcare data

  • Free access and use
  • Anywhere in Belgium, 24/7
  • Global view of all the shared elements relating to the state of health of your patients: you can therefore treat them better because you know their medical history immediately (they help with but do not replace the diagnosis).
  • Saves time in accessing your patient’s medical documents but also their insurability, healthcare reimbursement etc. — everything is in one place.
  • Secure system through strong authentication, (end-to-end) encryption, and tracking of all access
  • Better cooperation and communication by and between all health professionals who are involved in the care of a patient:
    • Sharing of discharge letters or consultation reports etc. by hospitals
    • Access to the log notes of care providers and patients
    • Access to SumEHR [Summarized Electronic Health Records] produced by GPs in whole or in part
  • Fully integrated into your professional software. So you need only use one software. You save time and improve efficiency.
Matrice d'accès au RSB

You do not use any software yet? Thanks to the Brussels Health Network portal, you can access your patient’s shared data already.

Some obligations

To benefit from the services offered by the Brussels Health Network, please read the privacy policy and register as a health professional.


The Brussels Health Network brings together all public and private Brussels hospitals as well as the French and Dutch speaking associations of general practitioners in Brussels (FAMGB and BHAK). We are the ideal partner for any project related to e-health in the Brussels region.