IT Projects

The FHIR for the Brussels Health Network

Abrumet develops new tools according to the FHIR standard currently being adopted in Belgium so as to improve the functionalities and accessibility of the Brussels Health Network.

Here is an overview of current projects:  

  • Implementation of an FHIR test server
  • Connection of this FHIR server to the authorization system already in place for Brusafe+, which uses the same standards (OAuth2, Open-ID-Connect). These standards are also used by the new e-health authentication service.
  • Improved interoperability and standardization between safes.
  • Organization of workgroups between safes to produce a common cookbook, in order to provide the most common interface possible.
  • Development of the FHIR for allergies, medical observations (glucose levels, vital signs, etc.), and assessments/questionnaires.
  • Two pilot projects are currently being developed within Abrumet to contribute to progress on the complex issues of architecture, authentication and security:
    • Pilot project at the allergy level (POC)
    • Manzana Project: blood glucose readings through a connected app and scoring of diabetes via a questionnaire

To find out more about one of the projects or if you are interested in a connection with our FHIR environment contact our helpdesk.

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