European digital COVID Certificate

European digital COVID Certificate

European COVID certificates are available in all EU member states from July 1, 2021 and from June 16 in Belgium.

It will facilitate the movement of citizens within the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This certificate is strictly personal.
Only the patient can access it by identifying himself online or by a postal sending.

Who must have a certificate ?

Each certificate is personal. This means that you will receive a separate certificate for each family member. Parents can request the certificates for minor children.

A separate certificate is issued for each test and each vaccination (both your first and second vaccination), so you will likely receive more than one certificate.

How many certificates are possible? In which EU countries are they accepted?

You can have more than one certificate, as you will receive a separate certificate for each test and each vaccination (the first and second).

A European certificate can be generated, based on 3 possibilities:

1-Full vaccination (Dose 1 of 1 or dose 2 of 2) – partial vaccination will not allow travel most of the time and some countries require 15 days after the second dose for travel.

2-OR Negative PCR test of less than 72 hours (for non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated, possibility of being reimbursed for 2 tests between July 1 and September 30).

3-OR proof of “recovery”: that is to say a positive PCR test dating from 11 to 180 days (last figures transmitted)

Please note: Each EU member state may set different conditions for travelers aged 6 to 18 and not every EU Member State will accept certificates of partial vaccination. The conditions by country (and often by region) can be consulted on the ReOpen EU website or on the website

Only vaccines carried out on European territory will be eligible for a certificate.

How do I access my certificate?

All citizens access to this certificate:

The attending physician does not have the possibility to get it for you (even with a therapeutic relationship with you) and there is no access to the person of trust in the Brussels health network. It is therefore the patient and only the patient who will access it by identifying himself online on one of the following tools:

– For people able to authenticate themselves with an eID or Itsme card: go to the home page of and click on the green button “Access my Covid-19 certificates”.

You will be redirected to the site for the generation of certificates.

– With the official CovidSafeBE application if you have itsme. Link to download it to an iPhone Link to download it on Android.

– on which also gives access to PCR certificates (negative and recovery) for all people without an electronic identity card or itsme but with a CTPC code.

– For officials of the European Commission, Parliament and Council and diplomats, contact your organization which will provide you with an authentication token compatible with and all other online administration sites for other uses.

For patients who would not be able to identify themselves online, it is possible to obtain a paper version for a “vaccination” certificate by calling the COCOM/GGC helpdesk on 02 214 19 19

When is a certificate available?

A vaccination certificate is available the morning after the vaccination centers have recorded the administration of the vaccine. There is no fixed deadline for encoding this data. Usually this is done on the day of the vaccination, sometimes a few days later; it can take up to 48 hours.

A negative test certificate is available an hour and a half after the labs have encoded the test results into Sciensano’s database. This usually coincides with when you are notified of your test results.

A certificate of recovery is available an hour and a half after labs have encoded the results of a positive Covid test into the Sciensano database. Please note: although the certificate is available from this moment, it will not be valid until 14 days later.

How long is the certificate valid?

The validity date appears on the certificate.

A vaccination certificate is valid for one year from the day of vaccination. A certificate which is available the day after vaccination is therefore still valid for 364 days.

A negative test certificate is valid for 72 hours from the time the test was performed.

A recovery certificate is valid from 11 days after the positive test, and remains valid for 180 days from the time of the test.

What if the information on my certificate is incorrect?

It is important to check your data as soon as possible, especially if you are planning to travel.

If you notice an error in your vaccination certificate, call the Brussels call center on 02 214 19 19.

If you have any further questions about the European certificate, please feel free to consult the Sciensano FAQ.


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