How to prescribe a COVID-19 test to your patients?

Check our interactive overview of the simplified eForm and how to schedule an appointment for your patient.

Where can I find the COVID-19 test results?

 Résultats frottis test

All your patients have access to their PCR test results via the Brussels Health Network: view the dynamic summary.

You do not need to be registered with the network or to have consented to the sharing of health data to access your PCR results:

  • If you are the holder of the global medical file, the result of this patient is automatically in your e-healthbox…
  • You can always create a therapeutic relationship with the patient who has given his consent to data sharing, so you can consult his results on the Brussels Health Network.

SAFELINK:  a tool to monitor your COVID-19 patients at home

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COVID-19 – eMonitoring First Line is an application for home monitoring of COVID-19 patients by an attending physician (only the treating physician has access to the application for the moment), endorsed by the College of General Medicine and the Société scientifique de Médecine générale (SSMG) (Scientific Society of General Medicine].

SafeLink platform and the tools to help users to get start are available in FR or NL

There are 4 methods to create an account and connect afterwards: choose itsme®, eID, or TOTP. As a transitional measure, you can also create an account with a login and a password.

You will then be asked for your phone number for verification by SMS (only at the 1st connection).

We recommend that you install and use Itsme access when you have time.

If you need help, our team is at your disposal
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