My Global Medical File

My Global Medical File

The Global Medical File (GMF) and the Health shared record have complementary missions.

  • The Global Medical File give an overview of your health to your family doctor who manages your GMF. He centralises all the information. The special fee to open such a file will be reimbursed in full by your health insurance. You will benefit from a 30% reduction on the co-payment of your consultations with this practitioner.
  • The health shared record resulting from the electronic sharing of medical data gives a global overview of your Health to any doctor who will have to treat you. No one is protected from the unexpected and it is totally free. Healthcare insurance can register your consent but have no access to your medical data.

Advantages of sharing the Global Medical Record:

By centralizing all medical information concerning you (vaccinations, hospitalizations, allergies and drug intolerances, X-rays, blood tests, etc.), the Global Medical Record contributes to a better knowledge of your health history and all your health care and thus to optimal management of your health by your GP.

Sharing certain data from your Global Medical Record therefore makes these valuable medical data accessible to other health professionals — with your consent, of course. In other words, sharing your health data facilitates communication between providers and ensures the continuity of care. In addition, it can lead to significant cost savings, for example by avoiding unnecessary duplication of medical examinations.

The mutual insurance company will reimburse you the amount for the opening of the Global Medical Record and you will also benefit from better reimbursement of expenses for your healthcare.

Does your GP who manages your Global Medical File (GMF) work in a group practice?

From now on, the other authorised GPs in the same group practice also have the right to access your computerised medical information to ensure better continuity of care.

How does this work?

When you open your GMF, your GP has established evidence of a therapeutic relationship with you.

When/if your GP has opened a Global Medical File (GMF), he/she is obliged to create a therapeutic relationship with you through your identity card, for example. From now on, this therapeutic link, once established, will automatically (and only) be propagated to the other GPs in the same group practice.

In concrete terms, if you have to visit your regular GP and he is unavailable, you should know that the other doctors in the same practice can also consult your file. They have access to your digitised medical data and will ensure that they follow the care plan predefined by the doctor who holds your DMF.

What do you have to do?

You do not have to take any administrative steps. Everything is done automatically when the therapeutic relationship is created with your doctor who holds your DMF.

You can consult your therapeutic relationships by connecting to the Brussels Health Network.

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