Brussels Health Network wishes to express its support for Ukrainian health professionals and the Ukrainian people.

The College of Medicine (CMG), in collaboration with the French-speaking TSOs, AViQ, APB and FEDASIL, has prepared a checklist to help and guide you in your consultations with refugees from Ukraine. For your convenience, it is divided into the following chapters

  • Administrative aspects (DMI, BIS number and AMU). However, it should be noted that while waiting for the right to mutual insurance, urgent medical assistance is provided to persons who left Ukraine because of the war and who declare to the OCMW that they claim the status of temporary protection.
  • Medical (control of infectious diseases, vaccinations, chronic diseases and treatments)
  • Mental health (addictions, post-traumatic stress)
  • In the field of public health
  • And of course administrative…

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The RIZIV has also issued a circular on the “Right to health care for displaced people from Ukraine.”

This circular addresses issues such as:

Registration as a beneficiary : beneficiaries of temporary protection with Annex 15 can be registered (free of charge, without payment of the mandatory sickness fund contribution). They will automatically benefit from the increased intervention.

If beneficiaries of temporary protection meet the conditions for registration as dependants of other beneficiaries of temporary protection, they can also be registered as dependants of that person. Ex: A mother and her children benefit from temporary protection: the mother can be registered as a resident and the children can be registered as dependants of the mother. However, people benefiting from temporary protection who are hosted by a family cannot be registered as dependants of a member of the host family.

The increased allowance : The people concerned can benefit from the increased allowance without having to undergo an income verification. The right to the increased allowance is opened on the same day as the registration in the capacity of resident takes effect.

Maximum bill: A number of people benefiting from temporary protection are also likely to be accommodated in host families and then probably registered at the same address as the host family. The people concerned are considered to be in a situation that is equivalent to a dependency situation. Consequently, the people concerned form a family on their own, where appropriate with their spouse or the person with whom they form a de facto family, as well as with their dependants in the hypothesis that these people have the same main residence.

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Belgium has granted Ukrainian refugees a temporary protection. Thanks to this protection, you are entitled to reimbursement of your health care costs. Register with a sickness fund:

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